Bees are hardwired to do certain jobs within the hive.

For more than 110 years Burleson’s Honey has been supplying bulk honey to many of the most trusted and well-known retailers, restaurants, food service providers, and food and nonfood manufacturers across the United States.

Why Honey?

The benefits of using honey as a sweetener are plentiful. Honey has the versatility to improve and enhance taste, thicken and emulsify, as well as maintain moisture in baked goods. Additional health and beauty benefits make it the perfect ingredient for your commercial or industrial use in other nonfood applications. Honey gives distinctive flavor and presence to whatever you’re producing—sweet or savory, food or beverage, for taste, beauty or wellness—providing the unparalleled goodness of an ingredient produced in nature. No matter how you’re using our honey, it’s Nature’s Finest Sweet!

Why Burleson's Honey?

Exceptional Quality
All Burleson’s certified organic raw and conventional honey is naturally non-GMO, certified kosher, gluten free and meets U.S. Grade A standards. We start with fully traceable and ethically sourced honey from our trusted beekeepers and adhere to independent, third-party testing to make sure every drop of honey meets the strictest quality and food safety standards. And, we guarantee our True Source Certified honey with a certificate of analysis for every order we deliver.

Custom Blending and Packaging
No matter the size, color or flavor, we can provide custom specifications to meet your needs. Our proprietary process ensures each production delivers consistent product specifications. Our team will work with you to deliver the best color, variety and blend for your purpose. And our centrally located facility just south of Dallas makes possible convenient customer pickup or use of our fleet to deliver with industry-leading turnaround times.

Experience and Convenience You Can Count On
Our bulk honey customers know they can rely on us to furnish the same high-quality honey we’ve been putting on tables since 1907. More than a century of experience and five generations of history and heritage mean no detail is too small or unimportant when it comes to the quality of our honey and each customer’s satisfaction.

Flexible Sizes and Configurations
In addition to our retail and food service sizes, our bulk honey can be supplied and shipped in a variety of container types, from 5-gallon pails to drums and totes all the way up to 45,000-pound tankers.
Have a special need? Just ask us … we’ll do our best to work with you to make it happen.

We’re proud to be certified by and associated with these outstanding organizations:

True Source Bulk Honey
As a member of the True Source Certification Program, we adhere to strict sourcing and labeling guidelines. We pledge to protect our customers and consumers, and the global reputation of honey products, by ensuring all Burleson’s Honey is ethically sourced in a transparent and traceable manner from known beekeepers and producers. All Burleson’s Honey carries truthful source labeling, has been tested to the highest quality standards, and has been handled in a safe and secure manner from hive to table.
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