Burleson's Pure Honey - About Us
In nature, beehives consist of a single queen, workers and drone bees. The workers are the only ones that leave the hive to gather nectar.

T.W. Burleson & Son is the largest and most recognized honey packer in Texas. Established in 1907, our rich tradition serves as a strong foundation for the Company’s innovations in production, packaging and consumer marketing.

Burleson's Pure HoneyBurleson’s is committed to providing our customers and consumers with the highest-quality product. We offer two unique blends of product: Our Clover honey is a taste profile sweet to the palate and refined to your taste buds, while our Wildflower product has a more robust and fulfilling flavor profile.

Burleson’s Honey shops the world over to find the highest-quality honey products. We buy from the best beekeepers in the United States, Canada, Argentina and many other countries around the world. Before any product is ever brought into Burleson’s Honey, it is thoroughly tested to ensure that it has not been adulterated in any way, shape or form. With our reputation beginning in 1907, we cannot afford to jeopardize the good name of Burleson’s with anything but the finest U.S. Grade A honey.

Many honeys claim to be U.S. Grade A. Your assurance can be found right on our label. Burleson’s adheres to strict production requirements and abides by all Food and Drug Administration labeling requirements. We have in-house Quality Assurance tests and validate our in-house findings through third-party laboratories. All of this is done for one simple reason: to provide you, the consumer, the highest-quality honey packed in the United States.

Burleson's Pure HoneyToday, Burleson's Honey is the Southwest's largest packer of honey and the most recognized honey brand in Texas. Raw honey is purchased from worldwide sources and custom blended to exacting standards. Burleson's is a leader in honey handling and quality control. All of Burleson's products are ensured by extensive in-house and independent testing.

With the company's long legacy in mind, the fourth generation of the Burleson family leads the company T.W. Burleson began so long ago. We proudly operate from our plant in Waxahachie, Texas to bring the highest-quality honey to your table and to the trusted brands you know and love.

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